sell discipline

targeted portfolio mix

GHA continually assesses the following factors that may trigger a reduction in or the elimination of a stock or bond position from the portfolio:

  • Fundamentals of the sector, industry, or company indicate signs of deterioration
  • The position reaches relative over-valuation
  • Another company in the industry is deemed to be a more attractive investment
  • Concerns develop regarding accounting or management

Equities Securities                                                            90%
Money Markets                                                                 10%
Number of Positions                                                      25 -35
Average Position Size (at Cost Basis)                             3.5%
Maximum Position Size (at Cost Basis)                              6%
Maximum Position Size (at Market Value)                        12%
Market Capitalization (primary focus)                  $3.5 billion +
Portfolio Composition:    • Value and Broken Growth Stocks
                                       • Selective Undervalued Credit Funds

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